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Business Process Automation

If you feel your business struggles with time consuming tasks, such as keeping details on sales leads, inputting customer details, or printing out invoices with no way to easily automate this process each and every time, we can help you manage your workflow, by incorporating all your customer needs into one system.

Our system is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses who are growing fast. Let us show you how this can be accomplished for a reasonable investment.

Cloud Services

The cloud is the future, making it easy and safe to do business.  Even with recent news items, the cloud is more secure that an onsite server at your business, because of security and redundancy.  It offers you the freedom to conduct your business at will from any device, any location and at any time.

It makes sense to keep your important documents in an easily accessible, safe place. Think of the cloud as a vault for your business valuables.

IT Managed Services

Today’s business is more automated than ever before, which means keeping your computer and network functioning at optimum performance is critical for your bottom line. It is a full-time job to keep all your electronic components such as laptops, servers, telephones, etc. working flawlessly.

Having a professional company, with the proper knowledge and customer service to assist with all your IT needs is a requirement for doing business today. That is where Consciat can help. Our team can help you get the most from your IT infrastructure.

Management Team

Consciat was born to serve small and medium sized businesses, who need solid IT solutions, accompanied by professional and comprehensive technical support to succeed in the market. We are a managed service and outsourcing provider focused on providing Cloud services and products.

Our management team is well versed in all areas of IT implementation and support.

  • Testimonial

    Dario Loriato


    About Dario Loriato

    Is a trilingual sales leader, consultant, and entrepreneur who has built new businesses from the ground up and generated $1 billion in sales for a prominent Fortune 500  IT firm. His passion is to match business needs with IT solutions. He believes that efficiency and excellent customer service are the drivers for success.

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    You've been a great help. Your service is fantastic. I'm so glad I chose Agile.

    Jane Doe / Co-Founder,

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    Inspirational – He’s a genuine hero

    John Abraham, CEO, Mac Inc

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    Agile is just a cut above all the other themes in my opinion. It is the best!

    Mary Nimish, COO, Business Ventures

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