Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Depending upon the type of business you own, you may be working on plans at a customer site, in an airport reviewing a proposal or preparing a presentation from your home.  Having the convenience of working on your applications and files from anywhere and knowing they are on the Cloud gives you peace of mind that your confidential business files are secure.

What are the benefits of having your desktop on the Cloud?

Mobility, Security and Simplicity.

In business a tool that gives you and your staff productivity and mobility is the ultimate in making it convenient and easy for you to interact with your customers.

Additionally, security is important. Unlike having your own server, using your applications and files from the Cloud includes better security for your business.  You have the advantages of duplicate power back-ups, including generators for electrical outages. If for some reason your current ISP is having issues, the Cloud has multiple internet connections, giving you an alternative to connect to your applications, data and files.

The Cloud is not made up of just one server or computer, but many, giving you the added reliability of redundancy.

We hear a lot today about cyber and physical attacks on systems, although no system is infallible, the Cloud offers you the best system for accessibility, as well as, security, especially when compared to an individual office’s security.


As a business you want a system that is reasonably priced and simple to use.  The Cloud is the answer.

When you contract with Consciat, you are also purchasing our experience.

We install the interface for the Cloud, make certain it is the correct system for your needs and we transfer all your applications and data for you, saving you time. You are up and running with no interruption of service or product to your customers. It is that easy.

If you had to purchase additional servers, backups and support for your current components, it would cost you many times what the Cloud services cost.

Let us show you how cost effective this solution can be for your business.



So why not utilize the Cloud and make it easy for your employees to give your customers the best service possible.