IT Managed Services

Your electronic infrastructure is your business’ lifeline.

As we become more dependent on our “electronic infrastructure” to do business, it is more important than ever to minimize downtime, because downtime is lost time and lost income.  For small to medium-sized businesses it is often not feasible to have a full-time IT specialist on staff. So what is the alternative?  You need a consultant with the expertise to keep your business up and running.

What are the benefits of having someone manage your IT needs?

As your company expands, you don’t want to have to handle everything yourself.  Calling a company only when you have a problem or shopping online for a new computer for a new employee is an interruption you don’t need.

Why not take control and have someone constantly improving and proactively maintaining your system?  This cuts down on emergency spending, which is always expensive, but also allows you to work with the same company, who knows your business and what components you need for continued productivity.


Our pricing starts at $40 per month, per computer.  We will give you a complete breakdown before we begin working together, so you won’t have any surprises.

This includes maintaining your server and workstations.  Consciat makes certain your firewall is up-to-date, the networking of all computers and servers is working flawlessly and your voice over the internet (VOIP) is working, because if your customers can’t get in touch with you, that’s a problem.

Best of all, we can remotely access your computers, so no waiting for someone to show up on site to get you back up and running.  Should you need a new computer/workstation or an additional server, you get our expertise in making that decision, so you won’t over pay and will get the correct component to work with your existing system.