Windows Server 2003 – Phased out 2015

Windows Server 2003 – Phased out 2015

Q: Dario, how will Microsoft’s discontinuation of Windows Server 2003 impact businesses both large and small?

It will put those customers at risk for security threats because, there will be no additional security updates or support for that system.

Q: Do you feel more and more businesses will turn to a Cloud solution because of this discontinuation of the Windows Server 2003?

Yes. Small to medium-sized businesses will be better served moving their applications to the Cloud, due to the lack of continued support from Microsoft for Server 2003 and, also because the cost to replace their current onsite server would be expensive and not give them the flexibility needed to expand for future growth.

Q: How many businesses currently depend upon the Window Server 2003?

Currently, there are approximately 5 million+ Windows Server 2003 users worldwide.

Q: Are there advantages to moving to the Cloud as a solution, other than the fact that Windows Server 2003 is now obsolete?

Absolutely.  Not only does it give businesses the opportunity to customize a Cloud system to their needs, the efficiency, accessibility and adaptability are superior to using an onsite server. Additionally, there are many back-up systems and security options a Cloud solution offers, at a fraction of the cost of an onsite server, is a wonderful solution for any business.


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